NTC ordered to grant permit to Now Telecom

The Anti-Red Tape Authority affirmed its decision ordering the National Telecommunications Commission to extend the permit of Now Telecom Company Inc. to operate mobile telephone services and mobile and fixed wireless frequencies.

ARTA in a resolution dated March 31 denied the motion for reconsiderations filed by NTC and DITO Telecommunications and reiterated its earlier resolution declaring the completeness of NowTel’s application for provisional authority to operate cellular mobile telephone service in the 220 Mhz frequency range from 1970Mhz-1980Mhz paired with 2160Mhz to 2170Mhz and 3.6Ghz to 3.8Ghz, including 5G frequencies for mobile and fixed wireless.

“ARTA did not rule on the rights and obligations of parties, but merely resolved the issue whether the documents submitted by NowTel are complete which will warrant an automatic approval by operation of law,” the resolution said.

By: Manila Standard