Company Profile

NOW Telecom Company, Inc. (“NOW Telecom”) is a telecommunications conglomerate located in Manila, Philippines. The Company was granted a congressional franchise on 22 February 2018 under Republic Act. No. 10972 with a 25-year duration (expiring in 2043). The franchise allows the company to construct, establish, operate, and maintain a mobile telecom system, fixed wireless telecom system, international and domestic gateway, fiber-optic systems, a satellite system, electronic communications network, and electronic communications services.

On 21 September 2020, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) renewed the Provisional Authority (PA) of the company’s Mobile Telephony Service (MTS) which allows the company to install, operate, and maintain a nationwide mobile telecommunications system, not only specific to 3G mobile communications technology but other technologies such as 4G, 5G, or even outer space.  

NOW Telecom is among the four Mobile Telephony System (MTS) license holders in the country together with Smart Communications (PLDT Group), Globe Telecom, and Dito Telecommunity.