NOW Network ng Mamamayang Pilipino

NOW Telecom invites entrepreneurs to be part of its Network ng Mamamayang Pilipino

In the current digital landscape, it is a requirement to be always connected to the internet as technological applications have become necessities in our daily lives.

While NOW Telecom, an affiliate company of NOW Corporation, is a service provider able to provide faster, reliable and better connected experience to Filipinos, it also prides itself to be a pro-Filipino company with a vision of helping Filipino enterprises operate a businesses that will shape the country’s digital landscape.

On February 2018, NOW Telecom’s Franchise (RA 10972) was renewed for the next twenty five years.  The said tri-mega franchise allows the firm to “construct, install, establish, operate, and maintain lease, purchase, and carry on the business of providing telecommunications nationwide.”  The coveted Cellular Mobile Telephony Licenses (CMTS) enables the company to operate a cellular mobile business.  Having this license clearly shows that Now Telecom has the capability and with enough frequencies, can roll out a Cellular Mobile Telephony System and Fiber Optic Networks nationwide.

NOW Telecom believes that entrepreneurship is the foundation of a strong economy and that the proliferation of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) is what keeps said economy going. MSMEs are the drivers of invention, innovation and our greatest source of employment.

Creative disruption has always been the basic principle of NOW Telecom President & CEO Mel Velarde. Mr. Velarde believes that technology should benefit the greater number and not just a few. His vision is people shouldn’t be ruled by technology and that technology should benefit the people in a manner that presents them opportunities to become creative disruptors themselves and improve their lives in the process.

With this, NOW Telecom is introducing  NOW NMP – NOW Network ng Mamamayang Pilipino. A Business Partnership program with the Filipinos in mind, designed to bring this vision to reality.

NOW Network ng Mamamayang Pilipino

In line with its business model of creative disruption, NOW Telecom is looking at establishing partnerships with entrepreneurial Filipinos who would like to facilitate connectivity to the masses.

This business partnership program provides opportunities for Filipino entrepreneurs to bring NOW Telecom’s 4G-LTE, Fiber Optic, and Satellite, technologies to a determined area that would serve as their base of operation. The Business Partner then functions as the point of service distributor of NOW Telecom.

A Business Partner has to submit to NOW Telecom a Letter of Intent containing the specific information about the area to locate the point of service distributor.

NOW Telecom will then conduct an evaluation of the specified area taking into account the market size, level of competition, signal testing and the conversion rate needed to ensure the viability of the partnership.

Both parties will then tailor fit the business model and business plan for the business partner to use as framework in building up the required number of subscribers to NOW Telecom’s service.

The implementation process begins with the conduct of operational training and support to the personnel and the formulation of the sales and marketing plan in line with the targets which have been set in the business plan. All of these are designed to ensure the success of the partnership and the achievement of shared goals.

Now Telecom’s affiliate company, Now Corporation, has established a partnership model that serves as a platform. Through the years, Now Corporation has forged partnerships with building properties such Pet Plans, Times Plaza, President Tower, One San Miguel Ave Building, and Summit One. “Enterprise partnerships like this can be activated in smaller and local levels to bring Now Telecom’s technologies in communities anywhere in the country,” Velarde said.

NOW LTE Rollout

NOW Telecom recently announced the rollout of its residential and business services designed to cater to the mom and pop e-commerce business model and small and medium scale business enterprises today.

NOW LTE Home and NOW LTE Business deploy fast, reliable and 24/7 internet connection which uses a dedicated frequency spectrum that provides the subscriber the option to use an outdoor antenna, an indoor signal receiver and router, or a pocket Wi-Fi unit to receive NOW’s 4G LTE signal with no data cap.

NOW Telecom’s technology partner is Israeli company Telrad Networks which specializes in end-to-end LTE solutions to operators and enterprises catering to the demand for high-bandwidth applications and services. Telrad began operations in 1951 and is currently the leading developer of advanced WiMax and 4G-LTE base stations worldwide.

Its affiliate, NOW Corporation has been operating its enterprise-grade Fiber Air service in Metro Manila. Fiber Air is a fixed wireless access carrier-grade network which utilizes pre-5G technology. It is gigabit capable with speeds of up to 2.4 Gbps in both upload and download links. It now has over 200 Fiber Air building and tenant partners in addition to its enterprise clientele which includes companies in the top 1,000 corporations in the country today.

For interested business partners, please visit or email