NOW Telecom launches 4G LTE for Business and Home

In anticipation of intense competition in the consumer market pyramid, NOW Telecom brings its enterprise-grade wireless broadband to residential and consumers with high end user experience.

For years, many business and residential owners have been inconvenienced by slow and often interrupted internet connection which has affected their activities – from sending important business communication to finishing transactions, to exchanging video calls with loved ones abroad, and doing online research for the children’s homework. Each year, more and more of these residential and consumer markets demand fast and reliable internet connection.

NOW Telecom believes that when it comes to internet services, it’s a marriage between speed and reliability. A slow connection not only damages the overall customer experience, but it also lowers your overall productivity. Value seeking consumers always require best service and cost efficiency.

Recognizing these problems, NOW Telecom has come out with a solution to ease such concerns with the launch of its LTE Fixed Wireless Service: NOW LTE Business and NOW LTE Home.

The new service uses LTE with dedicated spectrum that provides options to use either an outdoor antenna, an indoor router, or a pocket WiFi to deliver quality broadband connection both to your business and your home. NOW LTE Business and NOW LTE Home service is powered by Telrad Networks, an Israeli-based global provider of innovative LTE telecom solutions with more than 300 4G deployments in 100 countries. These new offerings provide unlimited, uninterrupted connection that’s available 24×7 with no data cap.

“We see a good case of providing the Philippine market with fixed wireless LTE, especially for small and medium enterprises and residential communities in areas that have limited or no fiber optic access,” says Rene Rosales, Chief Operations Officer of NOW Telecom. Now Telecom is an affiliate of listed firm NOW Corporation (PSE Ticker: NOW).

He further adds that NOW LTE Business and NOW LTE Home are for people who are transforming their lifestyle: to people who want to work differently and to people who want flexibility and freedom to choose their work, their time, their pay and their place of work.

The new service comes two years after NOW Telecom launched the first-of-its-kind Fiber Air service in Metro Manila. Fiber Air is a fixed wireless access carrier-grade network using pre-5G technology. It uses a compact dish antenna that can withstand storms which can deliver up to 2.4 Gbps connection in upload and download speeds – meeting the demands of the modern digital economy.

While Now Fiber Air caters to buildings and enterprises that have bigger broadband requirements, NOW 4G LTE can provide reliable internet connection to SMEs, remote workers, and home-based entrepreneurs.

How it works

For its LTE Business and LTE Home fixed wireless service, NOW Telecom will use its prefix number: 0979 to enable this LTE fixed wireless service.

Customers have two options: (1) install an outdoor antenna that has a line of sight to an existing base station owned and operated by NOW Telecom, or (2) have an indoor router or a pocket WiFi to establish an LTE  internet connection.

The outdoor antenna – usually installed on the roof or on a wall – is connected to a power adaptor and an existing WiFi router that provides coverage inside the customer’s office or home. The SIM Card using the prefix number 0979 is then inserted into the outdoor antenna so it can establish an LTE connection powered by NOW.

Strategic move

NOW Telecom’s 4G LTE service is part of the company’s strategy to broaden the scope of its operations. The service will provide broadband internet not only in Metro Manila but also in rural areas, and is expected to be an additional revenue driver to the company’s existing broadband business.

The service will be available starting early November. It will be rolled out initially in the following areas: Makati, Manila, Pasay, Pasig, Mandaluyong, San Juan, Quezon City and BGC. The company is targeting to start service in Cebu and Davao by the fourth quarter of 2018.

NOW Telecom holds a tri-mega franchise and a nationwide Cellular Mobile Telephony System (CMTS) license which allows the firm to operate a mobile cellular business.

Be a NOW Business Partner

NOW Corporation, which started operations in 2010, has now over 200 Fiber Air building and tenant partners. This partnership has led the rapid deployment and adoption in high-rise buildings. This partnership mindset is going to be central for NOW Telecom’s 4G LTE service.

Ahead of its LTE Business and LTE Home nationwide launch, NOW Telecom is inviting interested parties to be a NOW Business Partner. The program provides partners with their own earnings, profits, revenue sharing, and marketing support.

NOW Telecom representatives will meet with interested partners to discuss the business opportunity and shall jointly assess the area or territory being proposed. Together, NOW representatives and partners will conduct sales and marketing activities to roll-out the Fixed/Nomadic Wireless Broadband Service in the area. For more information, you may contact NOW Telecom via