NOW-Nokia US-funded network projects in full swing

  • NOW Telecom Company, Inc. and Nokia of America Corporation’s 5G Mobile Network and Nationwide Broadband Network (NBN) projects, which the U.S. government funded to the tune of $2.15 million (P118.9 Million), are now in full swing.

NOW Telecom Company, Inc. and Nokia of America Corporation’s 5G Mobile Network and Nationwide Broadband Network (NBN) projects, which the US government funded to the tune of $2.15 million,(P118.9 million), are now in full swing.

NOW and Nokia have signed the Secondary Agreement of the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA)-funded grant for a Technical Assistance (TA) on the deployment of the two networks in the country.

All the required documents for the USTDA Project have been executed and finished to date.

The USTDA funding supports NOW Telecom’s development and implementation of a mobile and fixed wireless network using 5G technology.

BLC, a US-registered company engaged in telecoms research and scientific development, was designated as the prime contractor to undertake the TA.

Based on the agreement, the key deliverables of the TA include designs for a nationwide stand-alone 5G wireless network, a nationwide broadband network and another for tge implementation of a pilot 5G network in Metro Manila.

Under the TA provisions, NOW Telecom committed to use only trusted suppliers for the project.

Hence, BLC shall adhere to a “Clean Network” policy to build a cyber-secure network for the telco’s enterprise and residential customers.

Furthermore, BLC shall develop detailed estimates of the amount of funding required to implement the large-scale deployment of the project

The prime contractor will also assess the availability of grant, equity, and debt financing from potential domestic and international donors, investors, as well as financial institutions,such as the Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM) and the U.S. Development Finance Corporation (DFC).

An economic and cost-benefit analysis documenting the social benefits of the projects is another component of the TA. This is critical to obtain the support of government stakeholders, financial institutions and other partners.

Other components of the TA include Policy and Regulatory Analysis, Environment and Development Impact Assessment, and Project Implementation Plan.

The 5G network and the NBN mark the initial step to the partnership of NOW Telecom with the U.S. Government, as announced during the visit of US Vice President Kamala Harris last year.

The initiative supports the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework and the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment and is also in line with the Marcos administration’s Digital Infrastructure agenda.