NOW Corporation and Kacific Pave the Way for Digital Inclusion and a Cyber-Secure Future in the Philippines

In an era where the Philippine government makes digital transformation a national priority, the collaboration between NOW Corporation (PSE: NOW) and Singapore-based satellite operator Kacific takes the center stage. The collaboration introduces Kacific’s Gigstarter and Enterprise Backup services, marking a crucial step forward in NOW Corporation’s mission to empower businesses for robust growth in the digital era.

Empowering businesses through last-mile connectivity

Kacific stands out as a compliant provider aligning with US regulations, particularly those outlined in the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act. This positioning makes Kacific an ideal partner for sensitive and critical industries in the Philippines. As the leading Ka-band satellite operator in the region, Kacific is a pioneer in satellite technology, providing universal coverage for 25 countries across Asia-Pacific through its high-throughput satellite Kacific1. Leveraging Ka-band technology, Kacific1’s antennas concentrate spot beams for frequency reuse, resulting in high-power beams. The internet service achieves a remarkable 99.5% to 99.9% availability, demonstrating a high level of reliability. This means that it is operational and accessible, showcasing a robust and dependable satellite system.

Utilizing dedicated diversity teleports, Kacific also enables a site diversity arrangement to optimize uplink availability, ensuring enhanced efficiency and reliability. This feature ensures a seamless and dependable satellite communication experience, even in rough weather conditions.

Advanced satellite technology is the backbone of tailored high-speed internet connectivity services. It provides a practical solution to connect hard-to-reach areas, promote digital inclusion, and foster economic development within a cyber-secure environment.

Among these services, Kacific’s flagship offering, Gigstarter, empowers NOW Corporation to enhance its competencies and expand its customer base. A preconfigured turnkey solution crafted to empower internet service providers, this service provides high-speed internet connectivity for businesses in remote and underserved areas.

Gigstarter delivers impressive speeds of up to 120 Mbps (100Mbps downlink and 20Mbps uplink), making it a game-changer for enterprises. The service comes with Kacific’s terminals, available for a one-time fee ranging from P34,000 to P54,000 based on the plan’s size. This offering unlocks opportunities for essential applications like remote work, video conferencing, and improved online customer support. It also supports critical functions such as cloud-based data storage and backup, along with the utilization of e-commerce platforms. These elements are crucial for the success of large-scale and rapidly growing organizations.

To further improve cybersecurity measures, medium to large businesses can now request a static IP address, improving security and network capabilities through VPNs. This feature also introduces various advantages, including simplified location identification and faster file uploads and downloads on file servers.

NOW Corp’s commitment to supporting its clients’ transition to an upgraded, future-proof business model also benefits from Enterprise Backup, an affordable, reliable, on-demand hot backup solution. In this era, future-proofing your business translates to increased investment in disaster response and recovery efforts.

Kacific Enterprise Internet Backup helps businesses bolster their resilience by providing a secondary high-speed internet connection through a compact satellite dish. This business-savvy, cost-effective, on-demand hot-backup package empowers organizations, factories, and enterprise branches to efficiently recover. In situations where primary internet access is compromised, Kacific Enterprise Backup enables uninterrupted workflow and regular business activities. The strategic inclusion of Kacific Enterprise Backup further reinforces NOW Corporation’s commitment to a future-proof and resilient business environment.

NOW Corporation’s initiatives for cybersecurity enhancement

NOW Corporation’s vision extends to strengthening its presence across 16 critical infrastructure sectors in the Philippines. In line with that, NOW Corporation has actively transitioned towards cybersecurity, aligning with the Philippines’ imperative to improve its digital infrastructure. The company recently introduced a comprehensive cybersecurity “check-up” service, which aims to support critical industries amid escalating cyber threats.

Henry Andrew Abes, NOW Corp.’s President and CEO, says that the program plays a key role in protecting sensitive data integral to finance, healthcare, government services and utility providers. As part of its broader cybersecurity efforts, NOW Corporation also introduces “TODAY” (Technologies on Demand Assist You) to manage the “Respond and Replace” program. Additionally, the group has developed a “Cyber Threat Assessment” to identify and address vulnerabilities in private and public sector organizations.

Christian Patouraux, CEO of Kacific, says that the collaboration is a natural fit. “Faced with an increase in cyber-attacks, businesses have had to double down on their operational technology security for critical infrastructure. This is where Kacific and NOW Corporation can step in to provide support, leveraging Kacific’s expertise in satellite-based connectivity solutions. Kacific looks to collaborate further with NOW Corporation to execute the vision to revolutionize digital connectivity and resilience across critical sectors.”

Apart from provisioning static IPs, Kacific goes the extra mile to shape a resilient and secure digital environment for businesses. With its Global 24/7 Network Operations Center, it offers direct access to Kacific’s experienced network engineers for excellent customer support, continuous monitoring and rapid response to potential cyber threats.

“Partnering with Kacific allows us to expand our portfolio of services and provide reliable last-mile connectivity as well as cybersecurity “check-up” service. High-speed satellite services open up opportunities for businesses. They empower organizations to access information, connect with the world and realize their full potential. Our partnership also proves that all of this can be achieved while ensuring the adoption of robust security measures and protecting valuable data,” says Henry Andrew Abes.

NOW Corporation and Kacific’s joint commitment to promoting a secure digital future for the Philippines establishes a robust foundation for a cyber-secure and digitally empowered nation. In a world where cybersecurity and connectivity intertwine, NOW Corporation and Kacific are shaping a future where the Philippines not only survives but thrives in the digital era.


Source: Panay News

Now Corp. warns of more cyberattacks next year

THE PHILIPPINES may face more cybersecurity attacks in 2024 and the coming years, an official of Now Corp. said, as he outlined the company’s plan to strengthen infrastructure enterprises through cybersecurity solutions.

“Expect more hacking, expect more breaches because we are at the center of a geopolitical crisis. It is not surprising and not possible to deny that we have problems,” Mel V. Velarde, chairman of Now Corp., told reporters at a press briefing last week.

Geopolitical tension may fuel more cyberattacks, he said, citing that the ongoing conflict in the West Philippine Sea may escalate cyber risks.

He added that the majority of the country’s networks remain untrusted making them prone to attacks as cyberattackers are becoming more sophisticated.

The Philippines has been hit the most by cyberattacks among its Southeast Asian peers this year, according to a recent report released by Palo Alto Networks.

Twenty-nine percent of Filipino organizations have reported an increase in cybersecurity-related incidents of 50% or more, with 51% saying that they are at high risk from threats, according to the report.

This year alone, several government agencies have experienced cyberattacks. For instance, the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. was hit by a Medusa ransomware where more than 600 gigabytes worth of its members’ data were obtained.

The listed telecommunications company said together with affiliate Now Telecom Co., Inc., it launched end-to-end solutions to combat threats to physical and digital infrastructures.

“Deploying untrusted hardware and software including sensors and devices without rigorous vetting can open the door for unauthorized surveillance on both sensitive enterprise data and individuals, effectively turning what should be a protective measure into an unintended self-inflicted breach,” said Rene L. Rosales, president of Now Telecom.

Now Telecom has business operations in telecommunications, media and technology.

The companies’ “Technologies on Demand Assist You” or TODAY is a cyber threat assessment program designed to identify and address vulnerabilities in private and public sectors.

The company described the program as an “ecosystem of trusted global technology,” which may include cloud-based enterprise endpoint devices, sensors, handheld devices, and video security systems.

“We understand the critical nature of highly sensitive personal information, and this program protects the data integral to the functioning and trust of key industries like finance, healthcare, government services, and utility providers,” said Henry Andrews B. Abes, president and chief executive officer of Now Corp. — Ashley Erika O. Jose

Source: BusinessWorld

Now Corp. taps Cisco for nationwide 5G network

NOW Corp. and Now Telecom Co., Inc. have moved to transform the group into a digital service and mobile telecommunications provider with its tie-up with Cisco International Ltd.

“Now Group is determined to bring about true 5G and National Broadband Network (NBN) technologies in the Philippines, together with its partnership with the US Government,” Now Corp. Chairman Mel V. Velarde said in a press release.

“Cisco, being a technology leader, will definitely play a significant role in enabling Now’s network with best of class technologies,” he added.

Through the alliance, listed telco Now will be able to roll out advanced 5G solutions that are expected to benefit its enterprise customers in the manufacturing, logistics, port operations, banking, and business process outsourcing industries.

“Given the ongoing digitization of businesses, mobile carriers will require the advanced capabilities of 5G networks such as high speed, low latency, reliability, and dynamic provisioning,” said Sanjay Kaul, president of service provider for Cisco in the Asia Pacific and Japan region.

“Through our partnership with [Now], we can support their network infrastructure’s transition into this new era of digitization by harnessing the potential of 5G technology,” he added.

The tie-up will help Now in customizing its end-to-end solutions to better meet the needs of its customers.

“Overall, this partnership between Now and Cisco brings together the strengths of the parties, combining Now Telecom’s local market knowledge and customer relationships with Cisco’s global reach and expertise in providing advanced networking solutions,” the company said. — Justine Irish D. Tabile

Source: BusinessWorld

NOW Corp adds Rivada Space Networks to its LEOsat partner list

NOW Corp added another satellite broadband partnership to its collection on Wednesday, this one with aspiring LEOsat operator Rivada Space Networks to target enterprises in the Philippines.

NOW Corp says it will harness Rivada’s “OuterNET” constellation of 600 low earth orbit satellites using the Ka-band to deliver mission-critical voice, video and data solutions to enterprises that require secure infrastructure, such as banking and financial services, mining and transportation. The company also has an eye on pitching the service to national and local government and defense sectors.

“We aim to provide the most reliable and secure connectivity to our intended market, [and] Rivada’s OuterNET will revolutionize how telecom services are provided to government agencies and companies employing mission-critical and security-sensitive applications and services across the 7,600 islands of the Philippines,” said NOW Corp President and CEO Henry Andrews Abes in a statement.

The security angle from Germany-based Rivada stems from the OuterNET constellation architecture using optical lasers to interconnect its LEOsats. Each satellite carries its own onboard processing for routing and switching capabilities. The end result, effectively, is an “optical mesh network in space”, Rivada says.

According to Rivada, this also means once data transmissions leave Earth and reach a satellite, the data stays in space until it arrives at the destination, which makes it “ultra-secure”. Rivada also says that routing traffic on a physically separated network provides another layer of security for organizations that want to securely share data between widely distributed sites.

In any case, Philippine enterprises will have to wait at least three years to use OuterNET. Rivada’s first satellite launch is set for 2025, with global service starting in 2026. It has signed a US$2.4 billion deal with Terran Orbital to build the LEOsats, and contracted SpaceX for launch services.

In July, Rivada received a waiver from the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), which had required the company to launch 10% of its constellation by September 2023 or risk losing priority Ka-band spectrum. The waiver allows Rivada to start launching satellites in 2025, but stipulates that the company still must have 50% of the constellation in orbit by September 2026.

The Rivada partnership is the latest of several LEOsat broadband agreements NOW Corp has secured this year. Others include Eutelsat OneWebMangata Networks (created by former OneWeb chief Brian Holz) and, most recently, AST SpaceMobile.


Source: Developing Telecoms

NOW Corp teams with German-based satellite tech firm

Telecom and media network company NOW Corporation has established ties with German-based satellite tech solutions firm Rivada Space Networks to improve the firm’s connectivity and security infrastructures.

Through the partnership, NOW Corp will be able to utilize Rivada’s OuterNET™, described as a “global low-latency point-to-point connectivity network of 600 low earth orbit (LEO) satellites,” which combines inter-satellite laser links and onboard processing to facilitiate routing and switching capabilities.

It operates through “orbital networking” wherein data stays in space from origin to destination, which creates a more secure satellite network with pole-to-pole coverage and offers latencies that are lower than terrestrial fiber over long distances.

As such, traffic routed on a physically separated network adds an extra layer of defense for users who need to distribute and share data without the risk of unwanted interception.

“The OuterNET allows satellites to go beyond their traditional role of ‘gap-filler.’ The OuterNET is a fully inter-connected space network, which is rapidly becoming the infrastructure of choice for secure data communications,” explained Rivada CEO Declan Ganley.

The firm noted that low latency and secure connectivity are necessary for national and local governments, particularly the defense sectors in their daily operations.

According to NOW Corp President and CEO Henry Andrews Abes, Rivada’s OuterNET will “revolutionize how telecom services are provided to government agencies and companies employing mission-critical and security sensitive applications and services across the 7,600 islands of the Philippines.”

Through OuterNET™, Now Corp will be able to improve performance, security, and customer efficiency, as well as high quality voice, video and data solutions to enterprises such as banking and financial services, mining and transportation.

The first satellite launch for OuterNET™is set for 2025. Global services are expected to be up by 2026.

“As we aim to link and to secure critical infrastructures in the Philippines, we aim to provide the most reliable and secure connectivity to our intended market,” said Abes.

Source: Manila Bulletin

NOW Group introduces solutions vs telco infra breaches

Telecommunications firm NOW Group has introduced new model solutions aimed at addressing and mitigating widespread and unchecked security breaches affecting physical and digital infrastructures.


In a disclosure to the local bourse, NOW Corp. said it is partnering with affiliate NOW Telecom to implement a secure and seamless integration of a digital bank’s value chain that capitalizes on office and remote workforces.

NOW Group said the solution is a combined human-machine cybersecurity prevention program for large enterprises.

The group said its “Respond and Replace” program is its “answer to the urgent call of enterprises and governments belonging to the free world whose offices and factories are located in the Indo-Pacific region, requiring complete end-to-end solutions to confront threats to physical and digital critical infrastructures.”

To further complement its cybersecurity efforts, NOW Group also launched “TODAY,” or “Technologies on Demand Assist You,” tasked with managing the Respond and Replace program.


Source: GMA News Online

NOW opens cybersecurity ‘check-up’ service

In a bid to enhance the cybersecurity networks of various institutions and establishments in the country, NOW Corporation and NOW Telecom launched on Nov. 7 its “Respond and Replace” program that will enable all kinds of entities to assess the resiliency of their current networks.

The “Respond and Replace” program seeks to offer complete end-to-end solutions for businesses in the Indo-Pacific region to strengthen their digital critical infrastructures, and further propagate the Trusted Network initiative in the country.

The Trusted Network initiative pertains to creating a global community of trusted vendors in the telecommunications and infrastructure sectors that are all working towards minimizing vulnerabilities that are easily exploitable by malignant actors.

Globally, around 60 nations are part of the Trusted Network initiative, including the US, United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, Australia, and India; and around 180 telecom companies including Telstra of Australia, SK Telecom & K.T. of South Korea, Reliance Jio of India, Rakuten and Softbank of Japan, and Telus & Bell of Canada, and global technology partners like CISCO, Nokia, Ericsson, Samsung.

The Philippines was chosen by the US as the initial launching pad of the Trusted Network in Asia, said the firm.

NOW Corp. President and CEO Henry Andrew Abes said that the firm “understands the critical nature of highly sensitive personal information, and this program protects the data integral to the functioning and trust of key industries like finance, healthcare, government services, and utility providers.”

“Our initiative comes at a time when many critical sectors have untrusted vendors either within their network or their facilities, posing potential threats. The Respond and Replace program addresses this issue head-on,” he added.

NOW said it is opening the “Respond and Replace” program to all large conglomerates, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), government institutions and non-government organizations (NGOs), whether they are existing or prospective clients. They will also cater to entities that are located in areas where NOW has no coverage.

The primary proponent of the “Respond and Replace” program is the Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP) which is designed to “identify and address vulnerabilities in both private and public sector organizations.”

Through CTAP, free assessment services for enterprises and small businesses are offered, likened to an “executive check-up” to evaluate the safety and legitimacy of the networks and equipment they are utilizing for their businesses.

This is done in order to reduce the number of establishments using untrusted networks or technologies from untrusted vendors and sources.

Untrusted vendors are technology companies that have been identified as non-compliant to the standards of their respective countries. These companies may offer services, both for software and hardware, that include unsafe data sharing and disclosure of personal data.

NOW will manage the CTAP through the TODAY or “Technologies on Demand Assist You” platform, wherein interested clients can schedule their consultations via the website. A virtual 30 minutes discovery call will be conducted, followed by an on-site deployment of four to seven days.

Upon availing of the assessment through CTAP, clients will receive a detailed report within a week, regarding their networks and information technology (IT) infrastructures’ strengths and weaknesses.

Depending on the results, NOW will suggest succeeding actions and can refer clients to the partner technology suppliers who are a part of the Trusted Network.

NOW will be using its strategic alliances with global tech giants such as CISCO, Nokia, Fortinet, Mangata, OneWeb, Celona, and other technology partners in collaboration with the Philippine Military, the Cybercrime Investigation Coordinating Center (CICC), Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA), UnionBank of the Philippines, and other organizations to recommend solutions.

The firm said that it is currently targeting the larger enterprises to establish partnerships, but are encouraging small companies to also invest in creating safer networks to run their businesses.

NOW will also help and guide entities, especially those who will express their willingness to invest in cybersecurity, in choosing products and services from Trusted Networks through continued dialogue, and even refer clients to a variety of options offering safe equipment and software.

“Deploying untrusted hardware and software including sensors and devices without rigorous vetting can open the door for unauthorized surveillance on both sensitive enterprise data and individuals, effectively turning what should be a protective measure into an unintended self-inflicted breach. With the recent breaches with some of our national government agencies, we must take action immediately,” said NOW Telecom President Rene Rosales.

NOW Corp and NOW Telecom have previously established numerous partnerships with fellow global telco firms like Cisco for 5G mobile and cellular network rollouts, and Fortinet for 5G cybersecurity, as well as partnerships with the US government through the United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) for 5G technologies such as the 5G SA pilot network in Metro Manila, the nationwide 5G SA wireless network, and the design and feasibility of a nationwide broadband network (NBN).

Overall, NOW aims to deliver technology services across 16 critical infrastructure sectors namely chemical, commercial facilities, communications, critical manufacturing, dams, defense industrial base, emergency services, energy, financial services, food and agriculture, government facilities, public health, information tech, nuclear, transportation, and water and waste systems.


Source: Manila Bulletin

NOW Corp. forays into new IT solutions

NOW Corporation and NOW Telecom Company, Inc. announced that it will launch a collaborative project that promises to offer on-demand advanced information technology (IT) solutions services to customers.

TODAYbyNOW will provide a “comprehensive suite of services,” according to the telco, offering on-call consulting services, free enterprise cyber threat assessments, cloud data migration, malware protection and recovery, and WiFi-network surveys and audits.

The new service aims to make information technology (IT) solutions more available to all consumers, particularly catering to the needs of medium enterprises and residential customers.

TODAYbyNOW will be available nationwide, beginning its rollout on Oct. 25.

NOW Corporation President and CEO Henry Andrews Abes said the company is “leveraging its robust foothold and notable success within the enterprise-leave market, underpinned by impressive customer retention rates in the industry.”

“NOW’s goal is to channel this enterprise-grade expertise to benefit both medium-sized enterprises and discerning residential customers,” added Abes.

Abes further added that TODAYbyNOW envisions merging the technological boundaries between enterprise and the individual.

Abes emphasized that the service seeks to extend high-technologies to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as present seamless digital environments in households.

This will help empower businesses and upscale residences in order to keep up with advancing global technologies.

Source: Manila Bulletin

Fortinet, NOW Corp partner to boost cybersecurity, 5G security in Philippines

MANILA, Philippines — Fortinet, the global cybersecurity leader driving the convergence of networking and security, and NOW Corp, Philippines’ foremost telecommunications and technology company specializing in digital connectivity solutions, have entered into a strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to enhance cybersecurity and 5G security in the Philippines, expediting the nation’s digital transformation journey.

The MOU signifies a shared commitment to enhancing security solutions tailored for enterprises across the country. By synergizing Fortinet’s cutting-edge cybersecurity expertise with NOW Corp’s prowess in delivering connectivity and security solutions, this partnership seeks to provide robust security solutions that align with the dynamic needs of the Philippine market.

Recognizing the crucial role that 5G technology plays in driving the digital transformation journey, Fortinet and NOW Corp are working together to establish a secure ecosystem for the development and deployment of cutting-edge 5G applications. This initiative involves fortifying the foundations of the 5G ecosystem and identifying potential vulnerabilities and addressing them with the right solutions.

“NOW Corp and our telecommunications affiliate, NOW Telecom, play a pivotal role in advocating for the adoption of secure networks within telecommunications infrastructure, commonly referred to as a ‘Trusted Network.’ Through our ongoing partnership with the United States Government, the NOW Group is committed to establishing a secure, high-speed, and reliable network that spurs not only economic growth but also ensures national security. Our collaboration with Fortinet aligns with our Indo-Pacific agenda, which emphasizes the development of secure and resilient network architectures. Furthermore, this alliance strengthens NOW Corp’s Managed Services offering, enriching our portfolio with cybersecurity services to cater to the evolving needs of the enterprise market,” said Henry Andrews Abes, president and CEO of NOW Corp.

The MOU between Fortinet and NOW Corp signifies a pivotal moment in the Philippines’ digital journey, promising strengthened cybersecurity and 5G security to drive the nation’s digital transformation forward.


Source: Philstar Global

Celona and NOW Partner to Bring Private Wireless 5G Solutions to the Philippines

Silicon Valley-based Celona, NOW Telecom parent company NOW Corporation  have joined forces to introduce private wireless 5G LAN solutions for enterprises in the Philippines. Under a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the companies will focus on expanding NOW’s broadband network by deploying turnkey standalone (SA) private wireless networks.


Source: TelecomTalk

OneWeb and NOW Corp sign LEO satcoms MoU for Philippines

Philippines-based NOW Corporation, which has investments in telecoms, media, and technology, and low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite communications company OneWeb have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to bring high-speed, low-latency broadband connectivity to the Philippines.

The partners say that the agreement combines the innovative satellite technology of OneWeb with NOW Corp’s existing broadband service and strong local presence, especially in the enterprise market.

OneWeb says its LEO satellites will provide seamless connectivity, enabling NOW to offer a wide range of enhanced broadband services to sectors including government, aviation, maritime, military, energy, healthcare and banking.

NOW says it will work closely with OneWeb in order to deliver stable, high-speed, low-latency broadband connectivity with committed information rates.

With its constellation of LEO satellites now fully built out, OneWeb says it is set to complete its rollout of global coverage this year. By tapping into the power of this global network, NOW believes it will be able to extend services into hard-to-reach areas and enhance the speed, latency, and resiliency of its existing offerings.

Not too surprisingly, given that the Philippines is an archipelago made up of thousands of islands, initiatives involving connectivity by LEO satellite for hard-to-reach areas in this country have been in the news recently, with companies like TelesatSpaceX and Omnispace making headlines in the past 18 months.


Source: Developing Telecoms

NOW Corp teams with Mangata for enterprise satellite broadband

NOW Corp has signed a MoU with Mangata Networks to provide broadband satellite and edge computing solutions to enterprises in the Philippines, although actual services will have to wait until Mangata launches its satellites a few years from now.

Mangata – which was created by former OneWeb CEO Brian Holz in early 2020 – is planning to build a constellation of eight HEO (highly elliptical orbit) and 24 MEO (medium Earth orbit) satellites capable of providing connection speeds of more than 10 Gbps to a single site.

The satellites will be combined with a terrestrial network of edge data centres, enabling Mangata to provide seamless connectivity and intelligent cloud computing services worldwide.

Mangata also says the relatively low HEO and MEO orbits enable it to support real-time connectivity in remote locations with round-trip latencies of less than 100ms.

NOW Corp says it’s collaborating with Mangata to respond to increasing demand from Philippines enterprises for robust, high-capacity, low-latency connectivity with reliable SLAs. Mangata’s SLA guarantees excellent service quality and 99.5% network availability.

“Currently, we focus on the enterprise market and Mangata’s solution matches the sophisticated demands of the market when it comes to having reliable satellite connectivity,” said NOW Corp president and CEO Henry Andrews Abes.

Abes also said that the partnership aligns with NOW’s grant from the USTDA to develop digital infrastructure and expand access to reliable connectivity across the Philippines.

Mangata chief commercial officer Jerome Hewlett added, “Enterprises want guaranteed information rates, with flexible data services, and no data caps. Combining satellite capacity with cloud-based services enables secure private networks and gives more control to the Philippines government and enterprise businesses to control the costs and security of their digital infrastructure.”

That said, Mangata is still several years away from launching services. Its spectrum and orbits have been approved by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), but the company currently plans to launch services in 2026.


Source: Developing Telecoms

Cisco partners NOW to bring 5G to the Philippines

Filipino conglomerate NOW has partnered up with Cisco to transform its business and develop its 5G communication systems and networks.

They signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) and have plans to collaborate on efforts to bring 5G services across the Philippines – all of which align with contributing to the nation’s 2030 vision and national transformation plan.

The alliance aims to bring ‘monetisable’ 5G solutions to customers and enable the deployment of ‘secure and reliable’ 5G services and applications for the public sector, key enterprise organisations as well as consumers.

NOW – which operates businesses in the telecommunications, media and technology sectors – will leverage Cisco’s solutions-as-a-service offerings to provide customers with ‘faster, more agile’ and scalable on-demand solutions that can be adapted to their business needs.

NOW will access Cisco’s solutions that can offer improved connectivity, cybersecurity, and cloud computing technologies to help its customers communicate and collaborate.


Source: Channel Asia

Now Corp., Cagayan Economic Zone Authority enter into telco partnership

LISTED COMPANY Now Corp. has signed a memorandum of understanding with Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) to boost the telecommunications infrastructure in the province.

In a regulatory filing on Thursday, the company said the tie-up “aims to advance the Philippines’ telecommunications and digital world-class communications critical infrastructure which includes the provisioning of unified connectivity, software systems and services that would operate in the province of Cagayan.”

The partnership involves the deployment of fixed wired, fixed wireless, terrestrial, satellite, and other delivery systems to CEZA.

Now said the tie-up would help in ensuring reliable and quality broadband and other information and communications technology services to CEZA locators.

It said CEZA’s “strategic positioning and critical infrastructure underscore its profound significance.”

“CEZA’s vicinity to two Philippine-American military bases, integral to the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) between the United States and the Philippines, amplifies its global security influence,” Now said.

“Furthermore, its proximity to Taiwan, positions [it] as a potential extension for Taiwan’s industrial zones, underscoring its commercial and strategic reach,” it added.

On Thursday, shares in Now climbed three centavos or 2.46% to P1.25 apiece. — Justine Irish D. Tabile


Source: BusinessWorld