Network ng Mamamayang Pilipino

NOW Partner Program

NOW Partner Program is NOW Telecom’s
initiative to bring better internet
connection to the country by
democratizing telecommunications.

How It Works

Tandem in Business

Potential business partners can subscribe to a Distributor Pack that will allow the partner to bring NOW’s telecommunications technology to a designated area.

Advance Technology

The partner will be equipped with the network, the connectivity, and the devices that he can bring to potential subscribers within the designated area.

Benefits for All

It’s a win-win situation. A working business for the partner, increased coverage of NOW Telecom, better connection for all.

Advanced Wireless Technology


2.4 Gbps Antenna


LTE Outdoor Antenna


LTE Indoor Router


LTE Pocket Wifi


Fiber Optic



Dependable Fixed Wireless Broadband

Durable Equipment

Fixed wireless broadband perfect for home use, small businesses, and residential buildings.

High-Speed Broadband

Enjoy decent online meetings, movie streamings, non-stop browsing and faster file downloads.

Utmost Reliability

Reliable for a stress-free connection.

Professional Installation

Install, configure and connect in as fast as 1 day.

No Data Cap

There’s no limit to your chosen bandwidth. Get what you signed up for, every time.

24/7 Technical Support

Call, text, chat or email. We are all eyes and ears to make sure you get the most out of your broadband connection.

Interested to become an NMP Business Partner?

Nominate an area of responsibility within the Philippines
Expand your investment portfolio
Partner with a dependable telecom and technology firm
Deploy internet connectivity solutions

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